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Auction Finance

Auction Finance have teamed up with Auction Finance to offer our users the very best in finance specialists.


Auction Finance provide funds for auction purchases, offering fast and flexible funding solutions to keep your property purchases on the right track.

Streamlined services enable Auction Finance to transfer funds within 24 hours following completion, putting the buyer in a position to purchase a property quickly.

Facilities include: bridging finance, development finance, property portfolio funding, land finance and buy to let.
As Auction Finance provide funding for all types of auction purchases, property investors will be able to expand upon their portfolios, and our experienced team of decision makers assist property professionals by delivering financial solutions tailored to each individual when they are needed the most.

As a principal lender, Auction Finance pride themselves on their speed of service. Loans can be agreed before, during or after an auction, with funds always being available in time for completion.

Auction Finance aim to:


Find the right financial solution suitable in the auction environment

Provide a flexible and speedy service

Provide support throughout the auction process


Applying for finance through Auction Finance means you can close the deal on your dream house sooner and your property will be yours in no time.

Auction Finance’s streamlined services enable funds to be transferred within 24 hours following completion, putting the bidder in a position to buy – quickly.

To find out how Auction Finance can help you call 0844 873 4246 now to discuss your requirements or email








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Latest Online Property Auction are proud to announce the latest sales achieved by way of online property auction, the new way to buy and sell property.

Latest Sale: Meltham, achieve yet another sale by way of an online property auction. A studio apartment in Meltham, Huddersfield becomes the latest property to sell.

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